Building and Maintaining Your Reputation

Today I wanted to talk about reputations, that's one of the most important things that I am able to control myself and I value it at all cost. One of the biggest mistakes I see a lot of nail techs make is that we get super emotional over very petty things, not to say that you don't have the right to get upset about situations at work or angry at clients or things that don't go right. That's totally fine and we all go through those things, we all have emotions about it, but one of the biggest mistakes is making it public and not staying professional okay, so let me give you an example I have had multiple employees blow up here at work for different reasons, some of them maybe they were warranted because it was a conflict between co-workers or it was a frustration that the person felt very passionately about, but I think professionalism is something that we should all really value and try to hold on to. If you do have a conflict at work with a co-worker my first recommendation would be try to work it out between you and that person. A lot of people are little bit weary of confrontation or speaking their mind or maybe they're not confident and being able to talk to someone about their feelings but I think that we are all in this together, we all can relate to each other, if you just give someone the chance to show that you’re a human and give them the benefit of the doubt to be able to resolve the situation. A lot of situations may sum around maybe you feel like someone's taking clients from you if you’re in a commission based situation or you’re paying booth rent and you feel like the environments very competitive . A good way around that is to incentivize people to refer people to you and vice versa, cross promotion is one of the biggest ways you can get business and also give business to your co-workers, it shouldn't be one of those things where it's a diehard situation where there's only one client and everyone has to fight over them. Instead of fighting against each other, work together and try and find ways to make your overall salon busier and happier. There's really no positive end to fighting amongst each other, if you guys can join forces and make your salon a more profitable place everyone will benefit from that. So going back to the reputation thing as you start your career, go through your career, progress you want to make sure that you’re not doing things that are going to make people think specific things about you. I like to be one of those people where people think I'm professional, they think I'm reliable, I'm loyal, I'm hard working and I try to make sure that I transmit that message through everything I do, with my clients, with the people that work for me, with the people I work with and also for anybody I come into contact with. I always try to present myself in a very professional way. What does that mean? look the part okay when you go to work make sure you look the part of the professional high quality, deserves to be paid a certain dollar amount type of person, that means having your hair done, makeup done, cute outfit, if you wear a uniform make sure it's nice and clean everything's ironed you’re not wrinkly, you’re not disheveled.

Because people's first impression unfortunately in society people will judge you off of your first impression okay, so if you look a little bit off that day maybe it was because you had a good reason I know that we all have had tragedies or we've all had accidents happen or things like that but, you have to understand that, that person doesn't know where you’re coming from that person doesn't know what happened to you. That person doesn't know that you had a hard night so, all there going to see is someone who doesn't look what they're expecting and they're going to judge you on it and a lot of times that can be a negative judgement that will stick and they’re probably not going to come back to you as a client okay. So second besides looking the part you want to speak professionally that means don't be yelling across the salon, don't be on your cell phone, don't be using curse words, don't talk about inappropriate things there's so many times that I hear nail techs talking about boob jobs with their clients okay nobody wants to know that you want to get a boob job, nobody wants to know that you went out last night and were drinking especially if you’re doing that persons nails. I know I wouldn't want a nail tech to tell me that they are hung over the day that they are doing my nails, because I'm going to be thinking "yikes you’re probably not going to give me the best work" okay. People are very selfish is probably a harsh word but people are self-interested your clients come to you because they want to (unclear), they want to have a relationship, they want to get off their chest what they want to get off of and in return they're expecting you to provide high quality services at a price point that they are expecting and they want you to be they're super hero that makes all of that stuff happen. They expect you to be their therapist, they expect you to be their nail tech and they expect you to be a magic worker and make whatever God gave them into some fabulous Rihanna style crazy beautiful nails that are going to last for millions of weeks okay.

Now whether or not that's an unrealistic expectation doesn't really matter because at the end of the day you need to address their concerns and make sure that they end up leaving happy and that's what's going to keep them coming back to you and that's what's going to make sure that your reputation stays intact okay. So don't use curse words at work, don't be on your cell phones when your visible to clients, make sure that you're taking personal conversations outside on breaks on lunches, maybe in your work room or whatever separate space that you have. Make sure you’re not cursing and make sure you're definitely not talking about bikini waxes, boob jobs what you did the night before whether or not you’re fighting with your boyfriend, what your husband said to you, what your co-workers said to you, you definitely don't want to be talking negatively about things, because people are going to think that's who you are. People are going to take your negative comments and think that "whoa she's negative" or "wow she doesn't have her life together" or "whatever" okay so, you need to kind of put on your game face come to work look beautiful, present yourself well and again that's going help you keep your reputation and make sure that it's top notch okay. So we talked about looking the part speaking the apt, third part is follow through okay there are a lot of nail techs that can talk a lot of game about how they know how to do this or that or they’re the best or whatever and maybe they are but, if you cannot put your money where your mouth is again that's going to kill your reputation okay, so if you say that you can do three inch long stilettos in thirty minutes with nail art with whatever for only how ever much money you quote somebody. Make sure that if you do, do that number one they’re going to look good number two they’re going to last and number three the client is actually going to be happy with that. You don't want to just boost yourself up for the sake of doing it when that's not something that you can actually follow through with, and if you have a client that's pushing you to do something that isn't going to work for them educate them about why that's the situation okay I have a lot of times where I have to tell people no. There's nothing wrong with saying no, if you have a good reason for it so for instance I had a client come to me who had, had acrylics done at like eight different salons, she ended up coming here because she wanted to try jell nails because she heard that it was healthier for your nails and she had a lot of misconceptions about how nails where supposed to be done or all of those things.

She actually had, had acrylics on so many times and ripped them off so many times herself that she actually had holes in her nail beds okay and she expected me as the nail tech to just slap whatever on top and make her happy and give her super long stiletto nails that where going to camouflage everything that she had done to her nails over the last few months. What did I say did Ii say yes and just put my head down and do it because I wanted to make the money no I said no I said what I don't think that's the best option for you and here's why okay and I provided solutions to her. Now a lot of people might think that's done because your basically saying no to how ever much money you would have made off of that client, wrong answer if you prove to your clients as someone who is educated knows what they're talking about, is providing quality and above all has their best interest at heart, you are going to win over that client for life okay. That client has come back to me every two weeks since she first came here seven months ago okay, and why because she trust me as someone who cares about her and her health and what she's doing. Now if I had done the nails and they had all popped off or her nails were in worse repair then they had been when she first came to see me guess what I might have made a hundred bucks that day off of her but I wouldn't have made a hundred bucks every two weeks or fifty bucks every two weeks from her like I have now. I'd rather have a long standing client that trust me and puts their faith in me and spends money at my salon ever two or three weeks than someone who's a one timer who I go "oh yeah whatever I'll just do whatever to make you happy, bye" get them out of here and then they never come back okay so to recap, look the part, speak the part, put your money where your mouth is those three things are going to make sure that your reputation stays intact and again make sure that every interaction you have with a colleague, an employee, an employer, a client, friends, family whatever stays professional okay, because you don't want to be burning bridges you don't want to be losing out on experience that you gain in one salon because you blew up at your boss or you had a fight with a co-worker and made yourself look like some crazy lady.

You want to make sure that you’re actually able to use your experiences through your career. Build relationships and be able to rely on those later you never know when that relationship is going to come into play and I can tell you from personal experience there have been a lot of situations where a little meet and greet here or a little get to know you situation turned into a business opportunity, turn into a new client or turn into something even bigger than that and I always make sure that I am on game so that those opportunities don't get missed or they don't get thrown in the trash alright. So hopefully this helps you make sure you are working on your reputation make sure your staying professional, I know it's hard sometimes when you get those P.I.B's we call them pain in the butt clients. P.I.B is definitely, can ruin your motivation and make you kind of act a little bit less professional sometimes because you just want to strangle people but I can promise you if you are the bigger person you keep your reputation as your number one thing that you value and you protect you will be a successful nail tech and you will be someone who people will look up to in this industry okay.


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