Meet the new glitters

In your choice of P+ Gel Polish or Potted Glitter Gel.

All Dolled Up
A shimmery champagne pink with small pieces of iridescent glitter. This soft pink sports a touch of refreshing light gold sparkle while at the same time oozing class.
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Make it a Double
The perfect holiday green glitter! This mixture of fine emerald and light greens creates a fun and festive green glitter that captures the season beautifully.
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A mixture of all your favorite jewel tones! This glitter includes fuchsia, green, blue, red and black. Use over color for an explosion of fun perfect for your winter parties.
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Tall, Dark & Handsome
This extremely fine black glitter is laced with tiny chrome pieces. This black Champagne is perfect for winter parties and sparkling the night away!
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Sparkles or Sequins?
A chunky meets fine iridescent glitter. This combination of light, shiny gold mixed with soft, sweet lavender creates a soft glitter with a ton of fun flash!
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May I Have This Dance
A fine gold meets fuchsia to create this perfect rose gold blend. You could call this Champagne Glitter Gel on steroids and will want to dance the night away when May I Have This Dance? finds your fingertips.
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Meet the new colors

In your choice of P+ Gel Polish, Potted Color Gel, or Buttercream.

Martini, Up
A creamy winter emerald. This green is rich and dramatic but pops a bit of a winter brightness that makes it fun to wear with a variety of styles.
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Let's Limo
A deep, rich jewel-toned purple. This dark purple features a touch of neon that gives it a sophisticated party look, shows a lot of class and is simply a joy to wear.
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Sexy SoirΓ©e
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Whiskey and Wine
For you dramatic lovers! This deep wine has just a touch of brown. This luscious color is enhanced with a bit of red-wine shimmer that screams sophistication.
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Fashionably Late
A creamy, pink winter berry. Pink meets purple with extremely luxurious results! This berry is both trendy and classic making Fashionably Late wearable to any celebration.
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Midnight Meet
A bright royal meets cobalt blue. What makes this exciting color so outstanding is the tiny pieces of light blue glitter. A fancy and sparkly winter blue that brings a smile to your style!
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