Erica's ATA Russian Manicure Bit Set

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Providing a perfect manicure is every nail tech's goal. Now you can with the help of these amazing Russian style nail bits. Clean dead cuticle, exfoliate the eponychium, and prep the nail plate all with this powerful set. Get a custom code for access to our video library with every purchase of this amazing kit!

Kit includes:

  • 5 Russian style bits with slim case
  • 1 cuticle pusher
  • Standard shank size 3/32"
  • Made by Erica's ATA, USA

Safely achieve the top trending Russian manicure service with Erica's Russian bits. This service focuses on exfoliating the cuticle and surrounding areas while removing unwanted dead skin. Cuticles will look stunning, even with weeks of regrowth. Clients will LOVE this high-end, picture perfect look!