Pro Nail Hybrid UV/LED Red Light Nail Lamp

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This new technology cures both LED and UV gels at the same time using a new red light that is gentler on the skin and on the eyes.  Red light is known for it's ability to promote cell renewal, is gentle on the skin, and helps with whitening and freckle removal.

Lamp Details:

  • 48W
  • 365+405+610nm (cures all gels)
  • Approximately 8"x7"x3.5"
  • Features 10, 30, and 60s timers PLUS 60s high power mode and 99s low power mode to give you more control over heat spikes
  • Available with either USA or EU compatible plug/adapter
  • Automatic sensor
  • Quiet operation with no beeps
  • Excellent LED layout for perfect curing

*Please note updated model has black interior. 

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