Light Elegance Buttercream - Forever 80's Collection

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Right on-trend for Summer 2021, the all-new Forever 80’s ButterCream collection by Light Elegance delivers six new shades perfect to complete today’s styles yet infused with all the passion of the iconic decade that was the 1980’s. Vibrant neons combined with softer neutrals make the Forever 80’s palette incredibly versatile for all clients, no matter how big their hair might be.

Whether decked out in denim from head to toe or showing off legwarmers on a Summer night, the 80’s had a totally rad style for everyone that allowed individuals to feel wild and free. Forever 80’s allows nail professionals to express that freedom in the salon and deliver looks that fill their clients with youth and energy, emotions that never go out of style.

Buttercream is a new innovation in art gels. You can change the consistency of buttercream gel by agitating (aka stirring) it! Use straight out of the jar in its thickest viscosity for fine details and art, or stir it up to create a creamy and self-leveling full coverage color. You get two uses out of just one jar! Now that's something to cheer about.

Collection Kit Includes:

  • Bitchin’: A creamy, bold pink! This pink is not neon, but it definitely isn’t quiet. Bitchin’ leans more towards a cooler tone and makes a statement without being too bright or too loud—it’s totally bitchin’ for your Summer look!  Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Flat/Cream
  • Superfreak: A fabulous bright orange coral! Definitely more on the orange side rather than pink. A bright, creamy orange that is perfect for toes and completing your summer style.  Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Flat/Cream
  • Fresh to Death: A bright, exciting neon green that is both light and happy. This color is not for the timid and adds a great accent to your nail art or outfit.  Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Flat/Cream
  • Leotard & Legwarmers: A clean vanilla yellow. More vanilla than yellow and lighter than a pastel. This color could fit in the neutral family—a truly fun and different neutral that is understated and sophisticated.  Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Flat/Cream
  • Totally Tubular: A muddy turquoise that leans more towards blue than green. Totally Tubular has just a hint of a grey and muddy undertone that makes it fun, unique and a welcome addition to your color library or look.  Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Flat/Cream
  • Big Hair Don’t Care: A light carnation pink that leans more towards the neutral side with its tan undertone. The fine satin sheen throughout provides a delicate, soft and sweet finish that pairs well with a wide range of styles.  Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Shimmer

Each jar contains 5ml. This set includes 6 full size jars. SAVE 16% BY BUYING THE COLLECTION!

PLEASE NOTE: Light Elegance products are intended for use by trained nail professionals and are sold exclusively through professional nail distributors like The Nail Hub. As such these products cannot be sold into another distributor's area. Please check the list of all restricted states/provinces/countries HERE.