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Hi I’m Elizabeth Morris, the voice and brains behind The Nail Hub Podcast. As a nail art lover, business woman, and highly detail oriented nerd I never have enough on my plate.  I love learning, growing, and achieving and have been an "A Type" person since birth.  My nail journey has been a fast and crazy one, but long story short in 2012 I chose to leave the corporate world and become an official member of the nail industry!  Because of my past I bring a completely different perspective with me.  My business background and worldly view has really helped me see some areas of opportunity in our beloved nail industry.  Not only do I work in this amazing industry, but so does my partner in crime (aka my hubby aka Hermann Morris).  Hermann is a key player in The Nail Hub and knows first hand what supporting a nail tech is all about.  His knowledge of customer service, management, and staffing is unparalleled and together we make an unstoppable team.

Nail technicians are an amazing breed.  We are the perfect mix of creativity, care giving, and hard work, but one thing that's lacking is a wide-spread knowledge of how to leverage these amazing skills!  So many nail techs and salon owners struggle with the day-to-day because no one has helped them out.  Our goal here at The Nail Hub is to help educate, inspire, and motivate as many nail techs as possible, and The Nail Hub is my way of sharing my experience and business expertise with all of you.  So who am I and why should you listen to me specifically?

Let's start with my roots.  I am a native country bumpkin from Pocatello, Idaho (yes the potato state and yes they are better than anywhere else).  My dad’s corporate sales job got us moving a lot starting from when I was just 2 weeks old.  We've lived in more houses than I am years old at this point.  Everywhere from Austria, Canada, and multiple states and cities within the US.  Add to my worldly travels and experiences the fact that I have loved nails from day one.  

I can remember my dad bringing me Lee Press-On nails from his business trips and my fascination with painting my own nails with my mom's polish.  I still remember the first time I painted my nails!  It was all over every finger but I didn’t spill a drop. Thank goodness because my mom had white carpet in the bathroom back then.  Remember in the 80s when carpet was in bathrooms???  Anyhoo, on top of all the moving my parents had a big impact on me as well.  I was born to and raised by a math professor and an electrical engineer.  Can't get much nerdier than that!  So when it came time for college I of course picked electrical engineering and finance as my degree focus.  After graduation I worked in the high tech industry for about 7 years before finally realizing that even though I was great at my job, it wasn’t that fulfilling.  As a beauty obsessed nerd I always loved nail care and nail art, and the level of detail really appeals to my scientific side.  I also love learning about nail chemistry and everything in between.  So in 2012 I became a licensed nail tech, quit my corporate job, opened my own salon, and have been a very active member of our industry every since.

​So you may be thinking…what?!  That’s all this girl has under her belt?  Yes yes I know I’m technically a rookie, but in my short nail career I have achieved being a profitable salon owner, a certified educator for multiple companies, an industry consultant, a columnist for Stylist Newspaper, a Sensei for, a product distributor, and I have a profitable booming business.  AND when I was part of corporate America I was responsible for almost $500M in revenue, 1,400 engineers, and whole lot of other corporate mumbo jumbo.  Not to toot my own horn but my business acumen is stellar. And as if all of this wasn’t enough for me to do I added Podcaster as a new job title.  You'll constantly see me in the leading industry magazines and all over social media.  Why?  Because I can't get enough and I love to share info.

I’ve never been someone to judge expertise based on time, and neither should you!  We all have different strengths and weaknesses and grow on different timelines.  So now do you believe me?  Well to further satisfy, I challenge you to implement the advice I give in my podcast and here on this site.  If you don’t find that at least one of my tidbits helps you, you can be the first to let me know.

I’ve already helped many nail techs change their careers for the better, I’ve educated a ton, and I want to continue to help this industry grow and help the nail techs in it be more successful than they ever imagined.  Follow me on social media @thenailhub (Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and more) to see what I'm up to AND you can become a part of my business focused Facebook group called "Salon Owners United." 

I'd love to have you join me in a mission to improve this industry and help each other achieve nail industry greatness.