Gel Chemistry & Gel Nail Basics
Learn gel chemistry, application and removal techniques that will take your nail game to the next level.

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What’s inside matters! The Nail Hub is paving the way to make knowledge and safe products available for everyone.


I've been taking this course online and I can't recommend it enough as a DIYer β€” I no longer have to scrape the internet for crumbs of information on gel, what it is, and how to apply it. I literally cannot recommend it enough to DIYers or any folks interested in gel nails.


I have been taking this online class with Liz @thenailhub. It has been so incredibly amazing! Liz is an amazing teacher and I have learned way more than I could have asked.


I'm a licensed nail tech and recognize I still have much to learn. I have been watching Liz for a few years now, and appreciate how thorough she is when teaching. I learn something every time I watch. Thank you so much Liz for taking this journey with us!


Finally! So happy to have gel polish again. I followed The Nail Hub product application class. It makes such a difference to use a complete and high quality system. I’m hooked!


Expert Level Nails & Chemistry Knowledge

Level 1 - Gel Chemistry & Gel Nail Basics Course - The Nail Hub
Level 1 - Gel Chemistry & Gel Nail Basics Course - The Nail Hub

The Nail Hub is the most trusted destination for high performance gel nail products, education, and resources.

As a company founded by a nail hobbyist turned professional nail tech, we know first hand just how much access to safe and high quality products can be a challenge. With a constant lack of high quality education, wide-spread misinformation, and low-quality product options, it's easy to see how nail enthusiasts are struggling to safely and effectively enjoy their nail care.

With so many allergies and concerns around ingredients we are taking this conversation seriously. Through our education program we offer exclusive access to pro grade nail products. We've worked hard to create an inclusive community that inspires and supports, and ensures safe nail care for all.