Erica's ATA Diamond Sanding Band Bit

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The genius of this! Check out this diamond sanding band (aka flip cylinder)! No more having to buy hundreds of cardboard sanding bands. Now you can have just a few in and sanitize them between clients! All the filing power of a handful of cardboard bands packed into just one diamond band. Amazing! Can be used to prep the natural nail, remove old product, as well as finish file. The smoothness of this bit is amazing when filing AND because it's made from metal it stays cool on the nail! Paper heats up metal does not!


  • Standard shank size 3/32" (fits all professional nail e-files)
  • Made by Erica's ATA in the USA
  • Can be cleaned with EPA registered disinfectant or placed in an autoclave
  • A single bit can last and last without dulling
  • We recommend purchasing at least 3 bits so you can sanitize one in between clients while using the other
  • You can also flip your diamond sand band and use both ends to extend the wear and durability

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