Estemio - Non-Wipe Top Gel

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This top coat cures without a tacky layer so there's no need to clean.  Great for any time you want to skip the stickiness and just want glossy durable shine or a finished surface to work on. Each bottle contains 14ml.

With its beautiful jewel inspired packaging, long comfortable handle, and amazing quality, Estemio is just what you've been looking for. This gel hails from South Korea (yes...the land of world renowned beauty treatments and cosmetics) where it is recognized as a supremely healthy and functional cosmetic brand. Benefits of this formula include:

  • elongated cap for a comfortable grip and complete application control
  • extremely high transmission of oxygen which allows moisture and air to pass through and keeps your nails healthier and your gel on longer
  • long lasting: won't crack, discolor, or peel
  • cures in traditional CFL (compact fluorescent aka "UV") lamps [2m] as well as LED lamps [30s]... We recommend the Pro Nail Hybrid Lamp
  • easy and fast soak-off removal with acetone
  • can be filed off when applied over enhancements (works with gel and acrylic)
  • extremely glossy and durable