Estemio - Zero Heat Clear Gel

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A low heat gel with a thicker viscosity that is great for sculpting extensions, adding strength, and building nails.  Each jar contains 30g.

This gel hails from South Korea (yes...the land of world-renowned beauty treatments and cosmetics) where it is recognized as a supremely healthy and functional cosmetic brand. Benefits of this formula include:

  • extremely high transmission of oxygen which allows moisture and air to pass through and keeps your nails healthier and your gel on longer
  • long lasting color won't crack, discolor, or peel
  • cures in traditional CFL (compact fluorescent aka "UV") lamps [2m] as well as hybrid and LED lamps [30s]... We recommend the Pro Nail Hybrid Lamp
  • easy and fast soak-off removal with acetone or file off removal

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