Kokoist Cordless "Le Blanc" UV/LED Hybrid Lamp

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Le Blanc not only cures both UV and LED formulated gels, but it also features new cordless technology and more LEDs.  This lamp features full range UV light to cure both UV and LED style gels.  Now you can charge your lamp and use it without being attached to a cord.  This lamp also features a kick-stand foot system so  you can raise your lamp off your table, a new low heat mode to mitigate those exothermic reactions (aka heat spikes), a count down digital display, removable base plate, bigger curing space, and more timer options. 

  • 365nm 27P, 405nm 54P
  • 81 LEDs
  • Timer and digital display sensor for 10, 30, 60, 90 seconds.
  • Hold the button for 10 seconds to turn off the beep
  • The 90-second button is a low heat mode that cures while flashing and reduces the curing heat.

Available in 110V North American plug option only.

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