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Leafgel Premium Color Gel - 002 Perfect White パルフェブランシュ

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The perfect bright opaque white you can use for everything from french to detailed nail art. Doesn't blur or streak and cures thoroughly even with extreme pigmentation.  Available in 4g size or get even more of this staple color in the 10g size!  With the larger jar you get 10g for the price of 8g.  That's 25% for free!  

Premium professional quality gel straight from Japan's leading gel manufacturer. Extremely pigmented color that won't run, blur, streak, bubble, peel or shrink.  Cures with no tacky layer so you can easily paint detailed nail art layer by layer.  Finally a color gel that does not blur.  Your nail skills will reach new heights with this amazing gel from Leafgel Premium.  

  • Over 230 colors
  • Amazing coverage and vivid color payoff
  • Cures in CFL lamp in 1 minute or LED lamp in 20-30 seconds
  • Soak-off in minutes
  • Highly durable and long lasting
  • No chemical smell or fumes
  • ZERO BURN! even in high power lamps
  • Can be used for art or full nail color

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