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Inspired by the fun, festive—and just a little feisty—sides of us that tend to show themselves during the holidays, the Winter 2021 It’s All About Me collection by Light Elegance encourages us all to indulge this winter. The rich, classic color pallet is sprinkled with splashes of bright shimmers, glitters and textures designed to light up any holiday occasion. Right on-trend for Winter, It’s All About Me is set to turn heads and add the perfect finishing touch to your holiday ensembles.

100% free of HEMA monomers, Light Elegance Color Gels are manufactured responsibly in Oregon to be a healthy option for your nails—no matter how you season them. Let the 6 new spicy shades transform your fall looks from an everyday snack into a flavorful feast.

Glitter Gel Collection includes:

  • I’m Always Right: A blue winter silver/grey glitter with twinkles of holographic crystals throughout. Fine to medium glitter sizes that are soft, sweet and just the right amount of loud, complementing a wide range of looks. Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Glitter
  • In the Limelight: A shiny, metallic-silver glitter gel. This glitter gel features great coverage with small to medium-sized glitter pieces. Our brightest and flashiest silver yet, born ready to launch your look into the limelight!  Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Glitter
  • I Need Attention: This glitter is a mixture of all sizes and all colors of the rainbow. The greens, reds, purples, oranges and pinks create a unique jewel-toned look guaranteed to grab attention at any festivity. Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Glitter
  • I’ve Got Issues: A beautiful cluster of plums, fuchsias and pinks. This glitter gel contains a rich mixture of fine pieces of glitter for full, bold coverage. This glitter is on the darker side of purple with tiny flashes of pink throughout. Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Glitter
  • Me, Me, Me: A fine, antique-gold glitter with holographic pieces throughout. Soft—yet a bit flashy—this mellow gold contains the perfect balance of sparkle and sophistication for any occasion and look. Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Glitter
  • Temper Tantrum: A dusty rose and silver combine to create this full-coverage, metallic-pink glitter gel. It’s sweet, fancy and just sassy enough to scream temper tantrum. Coverage: Opaque, Effect: Glitter

Can't decide what gorgeous glitter to get? Get them all for a special price with a kit of all 6 colors! SAVE 20%!

Light Elegance is known for their amazing glitter gels! Each jar is packed with glitter, doesn't separate or settle on the bottom, applies easily over any product, and can be used to create structure on the nail because it's hard gel!

All Light Elegance potted glitter gels are hard gel and cannot be soaked off with solvents. Don't want a permanent hard gel nail? Use a soak-off base under your glitter gel, file through the glitter, and soak off with acetone for easy removal. New colors arrive seasonally.

All glitter gels can be cured in either a CFL (compact fluorescent) or LED UV lamp. These jars are huge! You get 17ml in each jar which means plenty of glitter gel to go around.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the many variations in monitors and browsers, color samples may appear different on different monitors. We do our very best to make sure pictures shown are as close to the exact product as possible, but cannot guarantee that what you see is an exact match. Light Elegance products are intended for use by trained nail professionals and are sold exclusively through professional nail distributors like The Nail Hub. As such these products cannot be sold into another distributor's area. Please check the list of all restricted states/provinces/countries HERE.

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