Pottle - Noir

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Whip up whatever you like and store it in a Pottle.  This nifty little gadget functions as a gel pot, gel polish bottle, and general beauty product applicator all in one!

Want to mix up a glitter gel with some of your dry glitters?  Create a custom color for that special client?  Or maybe your fave gel only comes in a pot but you want it in a bottle?  Enter the new life saver...the Pottle.

Pottle stands 4in tall and 1.8in wide.

Each refillable Pottle includes:

  • tall chrome applicator cap
  • weighted glass base that's perfect for UV sensitive liquid (holds 20 ml)
  • two copper mixing marbles
  • 4 inch crystal wand for blending, swatching or applying tailored skincare

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