Is Your Business The Best it Can Be?

by Hermann Morris
Whether we’re looking for new quality products to offer or creating educational content, I hope it’s evident to you that here at The Nail Hub we strive to add value to the individual nail tech in every possible way. We aspire to elevate the industry by helping techs become more proficient in their craft and more profitable in their businesses. Over the last couple of years, our focus has been on helping techs become more technically adept. The reason being, that from managing a salon and our many travels across the country and abroad, we observed how many techs struggled with even the most basic techniques when it comes to using gel. Moreover, since many nail schools still put more emphasis on acrylic than on gel, it’s clear to us that this issue is not likely to improve anytime soon. 

Last year, after much debate and a lot of brainstorming, we decided to put most of our efforts in creating instructional videos that would address every aspect of doing high quality nail gels; from the most basic prep to the most complicated extensions and art designs. What was more astounding to me, was Liz’s decision to provide all of this for just a low monthly fee. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for sharing knowledge with the world, but knowing how much work this endeavor would entail, I couldn’t fathom how we could afford this without finding a way to cover at least some of it. It quickly became clear to me that Liz understood that if TNH is to have a large and long-lasting impact, we were going to have to invest in people first. From the thousands of thank you messages, to the tens-of-thousands of shares on social media from both newbies and veterans alike, I think it’s safe to say that Liz was on to something. THENAILHUB.TV has been a resounding success and we couldn’t be prouder about how many people have been helped by Liz's content. 

Interspersed in between the videos, Liz has also provided some content about other aspects of the nail industry and business-related topics. We decided that the time has come for us to start providing more of that. Now that most of the technical fundamentals have been covered and nail techs have access to that knowledge, we want to supplement it by providing additional information about how to be more successful in your business overall. Providing a good work product is just your ticket to the game; in order to win it, you must be able to be good at many other facets of your business: finances, customer service, staffing, training, etc. The good news is that Liz and I have extensive experience in all those areas, and we are eager to share it with you as well. 

We’re very excited to keep building on your success and to help get you and your business to the next level. Check out our playlists available to all members at THENAILHUB.TV


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