Luminary Nail Systems - Empower No-Wipe Top Coat

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Empower No-Wipe Top Coat can be applied over all your Multi-Flex gels for a highly shiny and durable finish.  

This gel is available in the following sizes and kits:

  • 10ml bottle 
  • 30ml refill with FREE squeeze cap nozzle & empty jar
  • 8 pack of 10ml bottles
  • Starter Kit (includes 10ml bottle of chosen color, 10ml Empower No-Wipe Top Coat, & 5g jar of chosen color)
  • Diamond Pro Kit (10ml bottle of chosen color, 10ml Empower No-Wipe Top Coat, 30ml refill of chosen color, empty jar for working out of, squeeze cap for easy refills, and 8ml bottle of Commit Primer

    Cure for 60s in hybrid UV/LED or LED lamps or 3 minutes in a CFL lamp.  See FAQ below for application instructions.

    Still have questions about this awesome product?  Check out our FAQ PAGE CLICK HERE.

    You can also view our step-by-step application tutorial!  CLICK HERE.

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