Light Elegance Q&Lu - Bamboo Polish

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Q&Lu Spa Essential Bamboo Polish is a 2-in-1 product. An effective exfoliating scrub for hands, arms, feet and legs that can also be used as a mask to alleviate tension and draw out toxins with a cooling effect. Contains natural bamboo, volcanic ash, along with lavender and tea tree essential oils to eliminate dry skin, increase circulation and soften skin.

Directions: Apply to hands, feet and body in circular motions and rinse.

TIP! Use as a mask by applying to skin and wrapping in warm towels or use as an all over body scrub to smooth and soften skin.

PLEASE NOTE: Light Elegance products are intended for use by trained nail professionals and are sold exclusively through professional nail distributors like The Nail Hub. As such these products cannot be sold into another distributor's area or to the general public.  Please check the list of all restricted states/provinces/countries HERE.