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**PLEASE NOTE: This item is pre-order and will not ship until on or after December 15th, 2018.  Please order this item separately to avoid delaying your entire order.  Ordering this item alongside in-stock products will delay your entire shipment.***

Kokoist is a premiere line of Japanese soak-off gel created and formulated by the world renowned JNA certified professional nail artist Koko Kashiwagi. Kokoist gel provides colors that go on evenly, are smooth, and do not feather or bleed during application. Kokoist colors are vibrant, highly pigmented, and formulated to cure perfectly every time. The consistency and quality of the formula ensures the product does not shrink during curing (no more exposed free edge!), doesn't change color, and the beautiful gel you see in the jar iseven more beautiful on the finished nail. What you see is what you get. No tricks or workarounds needed. Kokoist gel applies easily and beautifully!

Kokoist gel:

  • cures in 20 seconds in LED UV lamps or 60 seconds in CFL UV lamps
  • is completely soak-off with easy removal with acetone
  • healthy and flexible for the natural nail
  • can be used for full color or detailed art
  • made by professionals for professionals
  • made in Japan under the strictest quality guidelines

Each jar of color contains 2.5g of gel. Please gently stir your colors prior to use to ensure the best pigmentation.